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by Klaus

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Neon 04:25
I I don’t need  Anybody Cause i’ve learned to be an iceberg a ball a mountain Flaque d’eau in the fall Say what you will I don’t find this amusing anymore  There’s creatures in the hall they’re all shaving off their hair and i don’t feel so well I I don’t need  Anybody to watch me bleed switch the neons made new friends Theres no way to stop it now music has no end Lonely days be a dear Let the sun Reach me here i’ve been a slave to your low down ways Don’t give a damn what you’ve got to say The neon shines I’m beating time I’ll be your lover not a shrine  The waves shooting down in rays Won’t back down to a lonely day  The neon shines in rays it carries me away
Fever 03:29
I’m getting over the fever a breather sinking in my low ride I needed to feed it  or see you from the inside the outside A lever  that opens up the skyline you better believe her  when she says you'll be mine You know that I’m your main man, Just needed a night.  Then i fell to the ground.  I could feel my body rising higher  till the heat of the night was too much to tolerate I thought I figured it out each drop of rain is the ocean on its way but when I said it out loud I coughed up the wind Woke up in a crystal starlight  outside Pompeii Shivering We could build a wall around us but that won’t change what’s happening I thought I figured it out  each river leads to the ocean and back again  but when I opened my mouth  all I could say was eit santu faor  still corpus know flume people now torus simpa I though I figured it out  Each breath we take is a wonder laced with pain  so I’m taking my body out to celebrate   I thought I figured it  Each river leads to the ocean and back again If I could dance on a cloud If I could ride the wind 
Tell me about the waves and the first telephone Take me to a place beyond my reach Fire falls from the sky  to wake you from a dream take my transmission  to the stars We were all born here By the deep waters We will not die here Like our fathers Should have never come home I didn't need the money should have never come home no queen or country The sun will rise again 
A cold hard rain Danced across the naked plain I turned and ran  A loaded gun in shaking hands In the planktons glow We could see the cities down below Where before the flood We seeded silver starlines  To canonize our blood. Now we can’t turn back. No, we cant turn back. We can’t turn back our love  this time. Its all we have. The westward wind Bends the bow of tall trees, to brush across our skin. Why does it feels so right To dream a pained river that swallows us inside  When you can’t turn back. No, we can’t turn back. We can’t turn back our love  This time. It’s all we have.
I know you need it Oh no you can’t deny You need to feed it  Or get off while you try No need to worry I know you walk the line You know me ya, you know that I'm in love with a feeling Don’t matter what’s real I’m on my way  I’m on my way ya Bow to no thunder Still we’re prey to desire Undressing wonder We couldn’t get much higher A fleeting moment A fire that never dies I’m coming Yes! you know that I'm at one with this feeling  Our bodies are reeling  We know the way  Till the morning We will ride the wave We’ll make it last and sweep out the ashes of slow decay Ya! we’re on our way  
Bad Religion 03:06
Tell me father Tell me father Oh, tell me did it hurt Did you go too far Or come too close You dream in colour Wild roses A distant crimson flame Could it all compare  to your love? Sold your body  Sold your body  Sold your body  To the mines Now theres a fire,  On the edge of town Cant get behind This bad religion This bad religion This bad religion  Has got me seeing things These marked incisions moulded flowers  If I could change you What else would change? If you had changed me What else would change?
Le rêve 08:05
While riding a feeling Bareback A fat lady laughs   Eyes rolling back  As silver ships spay The Astral Plane You have to believe me I’ve been robbed By ghouls and thugs They stole my love And stashed it all In a purple flame A saintly whore. On fire. I wanna know how she found the door. i died twelve times.  Now I'm gunnin’ for twenty four.  Clean out of my mind. Clean out of my mind.  Clean out of my mind. Clean out of my mind. 
Dirty Water 04:02
Anna cannot wade these dirty waters Anna watches bones wash into shore Anna cannot trade this for another Anna feels a cold wind blow and when the sun came out there was a black hole inside her   Anna can’t escape it Anna can’t escape it Anna can’t escape it We’re chained to the wreckage Hold on, Hold on A century in seconds  Hold on, Hold on Anna , can’t you hear that whistle blowing? theres 21 pistons on the line. Anna finds a way out of her body for the night.  We tumble in twilight Hold on, hold on We swing from the skyline Hold on, hold on ‘Till everything changes Gold shores, small gods We drink to the morning Restarts, War fog Unchained from the wreckage Hold on, Hold on.
Pit Bull 03:56
Dark was the night when you took my hand and led me to the slaughter. A strange ringing in my ear told me nothing else matters. did you not bring me here as your loyal companion?  Now, I’m but your muzzled sin.  Your rape and murder.  
Nature’s Design Was not meant to accommodate our kind Lately i feel fine Was that’s just nature fucking with my mind?  By the light of stars Fading with the dawning hour A phantom you can feel But you'll never see Its all for you. Peace be to all Prehuman things And to all that lives Deep inside the one who gives for no return Watched the rise, felt the burn Peace be to all that lives In all the human pieces Living in a world that was not designed to accommodate this kind of thought.


released September 7, 2018

All songs composed, produced and arranged by Klaus
Lyrics : Joe Grass
Engineering : Klaus
Extra Engineering : Pierre Girard, Gauthier Manirof, Sébastien Blais-Montpetit.
Recorded at : PJ Mansion, Studio Marchand, Studio de l’Est, Studio Cornet
Mixing : Pierre Girard.
Mastering : Richard Addison.
Cover : Simon Bertrand
Graphics : Sarah Marcotte-Boislard
Label : Simone Records

Special Guests :
Morgan Moore : Bass (6.a)(7)(8)
Mishka Stein : Bass (4)
Fred Fortin : Bass (6.b)
Dan Hubert : Bass (2)(3)
Erik Hove : Alto Sax (7)(9)
Émilie Laforest : Opéra singer (2)
Marie-Pierre Arthur : Back vocals (5)
Jim Corcoran : Vocals (9)

Thanks to :
Families and Friends, Mick Néron, Olivier Langevin, Simon Bertrand, Simone Records, Pierre Girard, Gauthier, Seb Blais-Montpetit, Rémy Jean, all the musicians, Mecanik synthétik.


all rights reserved



Klaus Montreal, Québec

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